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Later on that evening, Big Jim comes back to town. He stumbles upon two lawmen that recognize him and the villain shoots them dead. The reporters sense a romance and ask who the girl is. When next we see them, the two are on a steamer, wealthy millionaires, headed for home.

Cardboard and questions There have been some comments over the years about Chaplin's lack of directorial skills, the "cardboard " look of the sets and the direction reminiscent of the two-reeler days of the twenties. The girls forget about the Little Prospector. It's sprinkled with genius The film is sprinkled throughout with bits and pieces of genius, and, yes, there is slapstick, but it's slapstick with a reason, not just for slapstick's sake.

The theme of the movie puts a lightened approach to the gold rush days. They leave the cabin and part company. Kenny's life becomes celebratory as he goes from one party to the next, but Kay, fearing that he will be tricked and cut out, argues with him and then leaves after seeing him flirting with another woman, Rachael Hill.

Unfortunately, the mine struggles and fails to show any gold, so the workers soon leave until Mike persuades them to come back with the promise of fresh water. A year has passed and Big Jim and his partner, Lonely, are returning to the States surrounded with all that wealth can provide. All this, despite the fact that the LP has boiled his right shoe and served Gold rush movie synopsis Jim the "upper" while settling for the nail-ridden sole, himself.

Big Jim goes back to his claim and finds Larsen there. A no-longer crestfallen LP tries to get to Georgia in the balcony, but Big Jim McKay who has amnesia since Black Larsen brained him with a shovel, preventing him from remembering the location of his "mountain of gold"grabs the Lone Prospector first and says he'll make him a millionaire within a month if the LP can guide him back to the cabin in which they met Black Larsen.

These are indelibly etched in our memories and are a part of the Chaplin lore as well as silent movie lore in general. And, quite often, it emerges as the favorite of all silent films for some, and deservedly so.

One day, Georgia and the other dance hall girls happen upon the cabin, and the tramp invites them for a New Year's Eve dinner. Big Jim and the Little Man travel together while Georgia sits in the steerage.

The synopsis below may give away important plot points. Just as things are getting out of hand, a bear barges into the cabin, and the LP presumably shoots it after it has lumbered back out, solving the prospector's hunger issues.

As the men starve, they cut a deck of cards to see who will go for help and food. He crosses paths with the ladies who have finally remembered their promise and Jack.

Larsen, unpityingly, is thrusting him from the door back into the arms of death when Fate, which preserves the destinies of its simple children, appears in the person of Big Jim McKay. New Year's Eve comes, and the Lone Prospector has his cabin decorated, with the table set for five, and party hats plus wrapped presents at the places reserved for his four female guests.

McKay finds the renegade in possession of his property, and in the battle that ensues falls under a blow from a shovel wielded by Larsen, who flees from the scene to be swept to his death in an avalanche.

The Gold Rush Synopsis

They are busying celebrating at the dance hall with no thought of the tramp. But seven years after his father dies, the business and Kenny are nearly broke after having lost the office, so Kenny and his colleagues now work out of his girlfriend's bar.

Gold rush movie synopsis he can get to Georgia, Big Jim comes in the dance hall and recognizes the tramp. A deliriously-happy LP has a pillow fight with himself in the midst of a gymnastics routine after the quartet leaves, so Georgia finds him looking like a giant chicken for real when she comes back a moment later for her forgotten gloves.

Larsen hits Big Jim over the head with a shovel knocking him out. The Tramp sits alone, dreaming that the girls are with him.

But Georgia merely uses him as a convenient means of showing her contempt for big Jack Malcolm Waite and his unwanted advances.

In his timid and pathetic way, he adores at a distance and braves the gibes of the dancehall roughs to feast his lovelorn eyes. A ship's officer tells her to be on the look-out for a stowaway. But his lovelorn friend at this moment discovers the girl on the balcony, and breaking away, darts up to embrace her and declare his love to the astonishment of the girl, as well as the crowd.

The two set out in search of the gold, and do end up finding their stash, and becoming very rich. He does not return to the cabin. Before the LP can say anything to Georgia, who assumes he's the stowaway, the ship's officer returns to apprehend the presumed wrong-doer.

There he meets and falls in love with Georgia, a beautiful dance hall girl, which also brings down the wrath of ladies' man Jack Cameron who considers Georgia his girl. It is nicely convenient that she is on the same steamer as he and Big Jim, but it leaves some questions unanswered in the viewer's mind.

Soon they part ways. The now-dismissive Jack spies the Lone Prospector in the crowd, and tells a barman to deliver the note--which lacks the name of an addressee--to the LP.

Just when it looks hopeless, a bear wanders into the cabin.Gold Rush (Movie) Synopsis The Gold Rush is a story about The Lone Prospector (Charlie) in search of gold. Through his travels in the snow, he comes upon a cabin. Synopsis In this classic silent comedy, the Little Tramp (Charles Chaplin) heads north to join in the Klondike gold rush.

Trapped in a small cabin by a blizzard, the Tramp is forced to share close quarters with a successful prospector. Find trailers, reviews, synopsis, awards and cast information for Gold Rush () - John Power on AllMovie - A young woman from the very late s joins a. The Gold Rush is a American comedy film written, produced, and directed by Charlie Chaplin.

The film also stars Chaplin in his Little Tramp persona, Georgia Hale, Mack Swain, Tom Murray, Henry Bergman, and Malcolm Waite. Summaries. Paranormal investigators from a controversial ghost hunting television show are terrorized by an evil presence at an estate filled with antiques from the gold rush era in the heart of Gold.

The movie “The Gold Rush” was written and directed by Charlie Chaplin in Some of the main characters included Charlie Chaplin as The Lone Prospector, Mack Swain as Big Jim, Tom Murray as Black Larsen, Malcolm Waite as Jack, Georgia Hale as Georgia, and Henry Bergman as Hank.

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