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The proverb comes from the profession of the iron smith. While people who are not watchful and let the opportunity skip by, find it extremely difficult to succeed in any endeavour.

He will again have to undertake the same process and the same labour doubling the effort only due to the missed chance. But the one who are not near the sea would never be able to grab this opportunity.

In the medieval period, Turks and Muslim invasion become frequent because the country was divide into different empires which were not strong enough to defend the aggressions. Everyone in life wishes to succeed in whatever project he or she undertakes.

Strike While the Iron is Hot | Meaning & Expansion of Proverb | Essay

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It comes from the blacksmithing practice of heating up metal and then striking it when it is malleable to shape it.

Interpreted and applied to daily human existence, it means seizing the opportunity when it presents itself. In the field of politics, this maxim holds equally good. There are some people who generally succeed, while there are others who often fail in their endeavours.

Success does not knock the same door twice. This proven can be applied to any shape of life and its efficacy can be evaluated. We should be prepared to handle the consequences of our decisions. The Mughal dynasty was founded by Babur which restored stability in the nation. A solder has to be extremely vigilant on the battlefield.

Strike while Iron is Hot – Essay

There are certain people who are more often caught slumbering when it comes to recognizing the opportunity.

Similarly, there is a tide in the affairs of human beings, that is, a certain time is propitious for achieving certain objectives. In the meantime England was able to gather the support of its allies and defeat Hitler in the Second World War. Generally, it is those who keep their eyes and ears open for the conductive opportunity achieve success.

Strike When The Iron Is Hot: Important Eassy

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strike while the iron is hot

Those who are not ready to avail of the opportunity miss the tide. While playing a game, they knew exactly what to do and when to take what step. But if, on the contrary, he misses to strike it when it is hot and soft, then any amount of hammering will not have any effect on the iron.

A person who is successful does not attain his success just by a matter of chance.Strike When The Iron Is Hot Is a very famous Proverb.

But Many people dont know what is the actual meaning of this proverb and where its comes from. Before start reading you must understand these. Free Essays on Strike While The Iron Is Hot Essay. Get help with your writing.

1 through The proverb ‘strike while the iron is hot ‘ is closely associated with the occupation of an ironsmith. He puts the iron in fire till it becomes red hot. Once the iron is red hot, it becomes soft and he loses no time in molding it to the desired shape. % FREE Papers on Strike while the iron is hot essays.

Sample topics, paragraph introduction help, research & more. Classhigh school & college. strike while the iron is hot To make most of an opportunity or favorable conditions while one has the chance to do so. This sounds like a pretty amazing deal they're offering.

Strike while the iron is hot essay

If I were you, I'd strike while the iron is hot. I deliberated too long before accepting the job offer, and now they've given it to someone else. I should have struck while the. Mar 24,  · He strikes the iron when it is red hot, because it is then that the iron is the softest and most pliable.

By quickly striking it then, he is able to mould it int6 whatever shape he wants. But, if, on the contrary, he misses to strike it when it is hot and soft, then any amount of hammering will not have any effect on the iron.

Essay on strike the iron when it is hot
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